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Outcome measures II

Therapeutic clinical-surgical strategy in window of opportunity – New
surgical technique applied in fistulas
(abstract ID 105)

Combination of wide surgical excision with concomitant adalimumab
treatment in 15 patients with Hurley III in a center in Northern Greece:
sustained improvement in disease activity in severe HS patients. Our
experience (abstract ID 108)

Intralesional ultrasound-guided treatment with steroid plus antibiotic
therapy in hidradenitis suppurative: a pilot study (abstract ID 115)

Impact of carriage of Staphylococcus aureus in response to
adalimumab in hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) (abstract ID 129)

Delayed diagnosis of hidradenitis suppurativa and its effect on patients
and healthcare system (abstract ID 133)

PG-like HS, a case series for introducing a new phenotype of HS
(abstract ID 135)

Prevalence of neuropathic pain and related characteristics in hidradenitis suppurativa: preliminary data from a cross-sectional study (abstract ID 149)

The burden of eating disorders in HS patients is remarkable: A large
database-based cohort study in the United States (abstract ID 151)

NSAIDs and pain management in HS: important risk of flares (a series
of 62 cases) (abstract ID 152)

Whowill be Hurley III?
(abstract ID 156)