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Use of internet by hidradenitis suppurativa patients: an observational
study Resoverneuil.net (abstract ID 60)

Which disease-related messages would patients with hidradenitis
suppurativa tattoo on their skin? (abstract ID 70)

Which factors are identified by the patients as influencers of hidradenitis
suppurativa? (abstract ID 71)

Emergency doctor’s ability to diagnose hidradenitis suppurativa
(abstract ID 77)

Hidradenitis suppurativa with male genital involvement: a possible
clinical marker of higher severity? (abstract ID 80)

Hidradenitis Suppurativa on Facebook: Thematic and content analyses
of patients support group (abstract ID 87)

HS is considered to be an underteated, misunderstood, timeconsuming
and cost-intensive disease by most patients: A survey by
online, self-completed questionnaires among 1301 subjects in Greece
(abstract ID 95)

Psychological support for hidradenitis suppurativa: semi-directive
interview to assess psychological trait and psychosomatic aspects
(abstract ID 101)

Suicide in a patient diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa after
missed follow-up appointments: A literature review and call for action
(abstract ID 127)

The role of a clinical research nurse in the management team of
hidradenitis suppurativa: focusing on clinical trials (abstract ID 136)