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Medical treatment II

Paradoxical hidradenitis suppurativa in patients under TNF-alpha
treatment: systematic review and therapeutic approach assessment
(abstract ID 90)

Identification of clinical categories in hidradenitis suppurativa based on
patient characteristics: results from a cluster analysis (abstract ID 96)

Defining hidradenitis suppurativa phenotypes: results of a prospective
study of 197 cases based on the elementary lesion pattern (abstract ID 99)

Efficacy of adalimumab treatment in moderate to severe HS patients:
real life data regarding quality of life improvement (abstract ID 113)

The role of biologic therapy in special scenarios of hidradenitis
suppurativa: facial HS, dissecting cellulitis of the scalp and HS lymphedema (abstract ID 117)

Novel phenotype classification of hidradenitis suppurativa based upon
clinical, ultrasonographical and analytical parameters. Part 1
(abstract ID 120)

Treatment strategies for hidradenitis suppurativa: real-life data from a
tertiary Greek hospital (abstract ID 139)

Azelaic acid and clindamycin for topical treatment of hidradenitis
suppurativa – promising results of an open study (abstract ID 154)

The efficacy of adalimumab therapy in recalcitrant hidradenitis
suppurativa: Retrospective analysis (abstract ID 158)

TNF-α inhibitors and the risk of malignancy in patients with hidradenitis
suppurativa: a case series (abstract ID 159)

Quality of life in patients with hidradenitis suppurativa treated with
adalimumab (abstract ID 165)