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Comorbidities I

Hey Doc! I think I’m allergic to my sweat! Fox-Fordyce as a diagnostic
challenge of hidradenitis suppurativa (abstract ID 42)

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a very rare condition associated to
hidradenitis suppurativa (abstract ID 43)

Trends in body mass index before and after diagnosis of hidradenitis
suppurativa (abstract ID 48)

HSand intellectual disability: a possible syndromic condition
(abstract ID 55)

The prevalence of nasal S. aureus amongst HS patients compared to
healthy controls (abstract ID 62)

Early HS comorbidities based on an analysis of pharmaceutical
prescriptions (abstract ID 63)

A case of congenital generalized lipodystrophy associated with
hidradenitis suppurativa (abstract ID 72)

Do childhood antibiotics predispose for HS development later in life?
(abstract ID 74)

Hidradenitis suppurativa increases the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver
disease.Acase control study (abstract ID 91)

Earlier disease onset of hidradenitis suppurativa in patients with
positive family history (abstract ID 92)

Coexistence of hidradenitis suppurativa and acne fulminans in a newly
described anti-inflammatory syndrome:ASH-syndrome (abstract ID 167)